Prayer Requests

As we make our pilgrimage along the Way of St. James, we will be praying daily for our benefactors and for those who have asked for our prayers.  If you have an intention you would like remembered during our walking retreat, please feel free to fill-out the form at the end of this page.

St. james the Greater

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28 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Congratulations to each and all of our Detroit pilgrims! I have reviewed your stories and photos, and thought of our own “Camino” two years ago (Fr. Rooney and Fr. Birney remember!). I rejoice that you have had a “Buen Camino” and wait with hope for your continued discernment of your personal vocation. Thanks to all of you for your faith, your dedication, your support of one another!

    +Bishop Don Hanchon

  2. God bless you all. Looking forward to seeing our Father Rooney and all the pilgrims safely back to the Detroit area.

  3. Felicidades por su esfuerzo, estamos pidiendo a Dios para que los traiga con bien a su hogar, día a día están en nuestras oraciones, que la sangre preciosa de nuestro Señor Jesucristo los cubra y nuestra virgencita de Guadalupe los abrace con su amor maternal.
    Familia Herrera.

  4. Dear Pilgrims,
    You have reached St. James! Congratulations! We now pray for your safe flight back to Detroit. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your journey. God Bless all of You.
    Fr. Stan Pachla

  5. Dear Pilgrims,
    You’re almost there! It appears that the journey and even the blisters have been well worth it all. Your journal entries have allowed all of us back home to see how each step has made an impact on your spiritual lives. Please keep all Fathers in your prayers as we approach their special day this Sunday. We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers especially Father Tim and Father Steve.
    Fr. Stan Pachla

  6. Dear Pilgrims,

    Soon you will reach your final destination — Santiago de Compostelo. In these last few days of your journey, I am asking you to please pray to our sweet Lord Jesus and beseech him to comfort and protect my granddaughters, Erin and Abbey, and their mother, my daughter Cathy, as they will be going through a very difficult and traumatic time in their life. They will be difficult days for everyone in the family, but particularly these three. I know God hears all prayers, but especially prayers for children, Thank you so much.

    May God continue to bless all of you as you complete this journey of yours, Know that many people are praying for you and your intentions as you pray for us and our intentions,

  7. Dear Pilgrims,
    I’ve joined my night prayers to yours every evening while looking over the pictures you have been sending along the way to St. James. The beauty of the sunlight streaming through the trees, the other pilgrims you have met along the road reminds me of my journey and your journey with Jesus. Where will the Lord lead me? Who will we meet along the way? May the days ahead be filled with more encounters along the path of your lives. Please pray for Susan Ryan who died at the age of 54 leaving behind her husband and two daughters. My prayers for all of you.
    Fr. Stan Pachla

  8. Dear Pilgrims,

    Be assured of the prayers of the Guardian Angels and Bishop Foley Catholic Community. Our children began their Vacation Bible School week today and will remember you in prayer each day. As we prayed in morning prayer today, “Lord, let the light of your face shine upon us”. May you continue to place your trust in Him as you encourage one another on the journey. Please pray for all of our youth that they too may keep their eyes fixed on Jesus as they journey in faith.


    Fr. Gerry LeBoeuf

  9. Dear Pilgrims,
    I want you to know how much I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading about your journey. May God continue to bless each and everyone of you as your journey winds down and you reach your ultimate goal. I ask that you pray for Pat Berry and Patti Abke who are dealing with health issues. Know that they are praying for you. God bless all of you.

  10. Dear Pilgrims,
    You are all AWESOME for taking this journey. Whether you come back and become God’s servants in becoming great priests or simply in being closer to Him in ways most will never know – taking on the challenge and completing this difficult yet inspiring journey is amazing! We at St. Clement here in Center Line are proud and will continue to pray for your safety and your faithfulness.
    Keep the wonderful picture/captions coming 🙂

  11. Monday morning, 15 June; you were all remembered in prayer at Mass
    today at St. Catherine Church in Algonac. Please pray for us and for
    all bishops and priests. God’s blessings be yours on a safe journey and good tidings to Fr. Stephen Rooney on his 30th anniversary day of ordination. Thank you for all you do in the service of God.

  12. Dear Pilgrims,
    It’s almost Sunday and the churches in Detroit and throughout the world will hear the words in our 2nd reading, “We walk by faith and not by sight!” Your “faith walk” has taken you around the world and you have encountered the Lord with tired feet but with an open heart. Thank you for accepting the call to “follow me”. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide you and carry you safely to St. James. God is Good!
    Fr. Stan Pachla

  13. Hello everyone! Please pray for my family and for continued blessings for St. Edward on the Lake parish and school. We’re all praying for you back home.

  14. Dear Pilgrims,
    I would ask that you pray for each other that you may be forever changed by this experience and become stronger in your faith. This world so badly needs men of character who lead by example. May you let this journey mold you and strengthen your resolve to be examples of Christ on Earth.

  15. Dear Pilgrims,
    Please pray for the Slowinski family. Please pray for healing, good health, and strength to overcome challenges and changes through the year. May God guide the family and continue to do HIS will.

    Amen and thank you. We will continue to pray for safety on your journey.

    Many blessings.

  16. Please pray for my daughter Kasia and her fiancée Pawel who just got engaged. That God’s grace will fill their lives as they work to create their marriage. I will be praying for you pilgrims that God’s inspiration and peace will fill you on your journey.
    Theresa Lisiecki

  17. Dear Pilgrims,
    As you begin you 165 mile journey please know of our daily prayers for you each day at our 7:45 am Mass here in the convent chapel at Gianna House. Keep in your prayers Henry, a parishioner who has a brain tumor.
    Buen Camino! Fr. Stan Pachla

  18. Dearest Pilgrims,

    Please pray for the homeless, the sick and suffering among us, those persecuted for religious beliefs and for our Holy Father.

    I’m holding all of you in my daily prayers. May Our Lady wrap you in her mantle and keep you safe.

  19. Please include in your prayers the Gerry Zeder family. They are in need of healing and employment. Buen Camino gentlemen. May God guide you.

  20. Please include in your prayers 7 year old Frankie Schmid. He is starting out life with many health problems. He is the grandson of the owner of the religious articles store in St. Clair, MI. We are praying for you on your journey. May the Holy Spirit enlighten and guide you.

  21. For all families affected by RAD or FAS.
    For all those struggling with keeping the Faith in our turbulent times
    For the vocations of my children, along with their future spouses if it’s marriage, or the priesthood or religious life

  22. please pray for anne and harry tillotson and family especially the children who don’t practice their faith. we will be praying for you back here at st.eds.

  23. May the Lord guide your footsteps. Please walk too for all those who need to know God’s great love. Thank you. Our prayers are with you on your way! Joanne

  24. To all making the El Camino Pilgrimage, be assured of my daily thought and prayer for you and your intentions. Be well, be safe, be one with the Lord and please pray for us to be faithful
    and walk the way of charity. God’s peace.

  25. Dear Pilgrims,
    All the parishioners at St. Veronica are praying for your safe journey. Please keep all of us in your prayers, especially the sick of our parish. May St James lead you along the way!
    Fr. Stan Pachla

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